Random Event Generator

Hello Believers,

It’s just a basic piece of equipment that spits out random patterns of zeros and ones, which is translated to a graph, where it produces a roughly constant, flat line.

What’s weird is that, when 9/11 happened, the graphed line from the Random Event Generator, or REG, started to move up sharply, four hours before the planes even hit the twin towers.

And the same thing happened 24 hours before the Asian tsunami, in 2004.

What’s even more, is that no one has been able to explain it, or disprove it.

Scientists are debating about exactly what this means. One group says it means that we have physically discovered the Superconscious mind , and others are saying that it allows us to see into the future.

Thanks for sharing!


I am interested in a lot of stuff and do research almost all of the time in stuff that is starnge... well I thought why not educate the world? Like Einstein, I support sharing knowledge!

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