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Devil’s Bible June 7, 2012

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Hello Believers,

The Devil’s Bible is known as the Codex Gigas meaning big book. This is the oldest book of such dimensions. 3 ft long and hundreds and hundreds of pages. It has the Bible, medicine,spells etc all combined in its pages. The book is the only bible that has the old and new testament alongside. The most sought after page is the one that has the picture of the devil. The only Bible that has it and the portrait shows the devil in full. The book is so poweful that some think it is haunted. It has a vast history of almost 800 years in which it has caused ruin to many who owned it. The massive book has a unique calligraphy. The entire book has been written by one man, which is humanly impossible and there are no errors.

The author remains undiscovered. The most spoken out author is a doomed monk who sold his soul to the devil and wrote tis whole book in one night to be saved from punishment. Research has found one man named Herman the recluse to be the author. However, the book is so beautiful in its calligraphy and researchers thingk it might be the work of a sect of monks but various tests on the book shows no more than one man at work! The book is now in the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm.



Pigpen / Masonic Cipher May 25, 2011

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Hello Believers!

The pigpen cipher (sometimes called the masonic cipher or Freemason’s cipher) is a simple substitution cipher exchanging letters for symbols based on a grid. The scheme was developed and used by the Freemasons in the early 1700s for record-keeping and correspondence. The example key shows one way the letters can be assigned to the grid.

Masonic Cipher Example

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Atbash cipher May 24, 2011

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Hello Believers!

The Atbash cipher is a very specific case of a substitution cipher where the letters of the alphabet are reversed. In otherwords, all As are replaced with Zs, all Bs are replaced with Ys, and so on.

Because reversing the alphabet twice will get you actual alphabet, you can encipher and decipher a message using the exact same algorithm.

Plaintext: This is a secret message
Ciphertext: Gsrh rh z hvxivg nvhhztv

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Caesar Cipher May 22, 2011

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Hello Believers!

Its been long now and Im just thrilled at starting my blog again and reaching out to you all again!

A Caesar cipher is one of the simplest (and easiest cracked) encryption methods. It is a Substitution Cipher that involves replacing each letter of the secret message with a different letter of the alphabet which is a fixed number of positions further in the alphabet.

Because each letter in the message has a direct translation to another letter, frequency analysis can be used to decipher the message. For example, the letter E is the most commonly used letter in the English language. Thus, if the most common letter in a secret message is K, it is likely that K represents E. Additionally, common word endings such as ING, LY, and ES also give clues.

A brute-force approach of trying all 25 possible combinations would also work to decipher the message.

In this example, each letter in the plaintext message has been shifted 3 letters down in the alphabet.
Plaintext: This is a secret message
Ciphertext: wklv lv d vhfuhw phvvdjh

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Female Armpit in Classical Paintings December 2, 2010

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Hello Believers,

Ever wondered why the female armpit is exhibited fabulously in Classical Paintings? Studies show that the armpit is where the pheromones are developed to attract the mate. showing armpits in paintings accentuated the voluptuousness of the painting.

Take a look at the French paintings.


Thanks for sharing.


Scandalous Painting? December 1, 2010

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Hello Beleivers,

Little known is the Artist Bertram Brooker. He was born in England and then moved to Manitoba. He was a self taught artist. In 1937, he presented a painting Cabbage and Pepper in the annual OSA exhibition.It was taken down as it was said to play games on the looker! They saw two nudes in the painting.




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Been long

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Been long,


Was confused with what to write and what to research. New blog starting on some strange aspects of Art.



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